Tales of Norway – ep.1


First big step of our road trip, Norway. We crossed the frontier through a little road.

Highway can be really painful. Especially when you have a 23 yo RV, using so much gas, reaching 90km/h max – yes, it was us that slooooow car on the right everyone was overtaking, maybe you saw us?


We found a nice spot by a river to sleep. Everything went well, we were eating and then… A car came. The custom. THE CUSTOM?! Oh come on, did they follow us because we did not take the highway? They asked us so many questions ; Everything went well in the end but still, I was quite surprised. There are so many roads to go to Norway from Sweden ; Do they follow every car crossing the frontier ?

But the day after was even funnier… So we left that wonderful spot, driving to our next point. Suddenly, the car behing us lit its blue light and launched its siren. The police.. Not only the police actually, it was the custom AGAIN… They’d been following us for miles until they found the right place to ask us to stop the car. Same questions asked.

Very astonished. The first impression of the country was bittersweet. It’s somehow great that they check foreigners with what’s happening these days. But it was a bit too much to us. The previous frontiers were less meticulous… Just checking our ID ; They did not even checked our IDs…

But well, no more controls after this. We were finally “free” to discover Norway! And it was a rainy/snowy day. Switching from wet landscapes to snowy landscapes in a second, it was quite funny!


Next point : Preikestolen. We heard it’s quite a popular place now… We will get up early to avoid a crowdy place.

Capture d_écran 2017-05-13 à 21.16.48


See you soon !


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