Preikestolen is one of the first named place when you’re looking Norway up. And if that’s how we learned about it, that’s how the others did too.

Capture d’écran 2017-05-17 à 21.16.30.png

After reading opinions about the place, particularly at what time we should start hiking, we decided to wake up very early and get to the parking at 6 am.

With a bit of a surprise, some cars were already there. Keeping in mind that it was not allowed to sleep in this parking at night, we were prepared to meet people on our way.

The hike starts very rough. A long, long slope. It was said that the whole path would last approximately 2 hours, 3.8km long. We did not walk in a hurry and that’s exactly the time it took us to climb it.


On the way we met two groups of people, they were already getting back to the parking. But wait ?! Maybe they slept there instead ? We also saw tents near the path. So maybe it is forbidden to sleep in your car in the parking, maybe it is allowed to sleep in a tent in the path, or maybe it is only because we’re not in the high season yet.

Anyway, we were so happy to get to the final point of view of the hike: Preikestolen!


And we were all alone! This whole piece of rock crowded with tourists on the internet pictures was free, only for us. As far as we’re concerned, we will tell you this place is not good for you if you’re affraid of the heights. We were simply paralyzed when we got too close to the edge. When you look down, only seeing sheer cliffs and water. Like if you fall man, this will be your last falling.

But this horizon, this wind, everything makes you feel so small. It opens your mind as it opens your eyes and makes you feel alive.


PS : We met like 50 people when we walked back to the car. It is not the high season. It was though lunch time. If you want to avoid to crowd, better wake up early!

PS PS : You have to pay to park your car. You can’t park your car many miles before the parking. Unless you want to walk like one hour more, you’ll have to pay for it. It was 200 NOK ; We did not appreciate that very much…

See you soon in the Norwegian roads.



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