As we’re slowly driving back to France, under an unexpected heat wave, we’ve got to write a little note to conclude this short but intense journey in Norway.


• We’re leaving sooner than scheduled.

We were so close to the end of our Norwegian part. We had to see Senja, NordKap, complete the loop crossing Finland. But we had to run for our lives! We encountered some troubles with customs because of our puppy. If you meet the right people everything’s right. If you don’t then starts a little hell with exagerrated issues. Won’t talk more about it but it left us with that bad feeling about this country.

• Life is definitely expensive there.

We crashed our budget in only one month!

You pay for roads, not even highways, but work ongoing… You don’t even have counters, they read your license plate and send you a letter. We’re still waiting for the letter but still… It is weird. Sometimes you just can’t avoid to pay for the road because it is the only road. Or you take the ferry.


But each ferry is never under 200 kr. So you either pay or you pay. Sometimes it was better to take the ferry for a gas saving but sometimes the ferry was so expensive. Especially for our camping-car. “How long? How high? How many people?” — “360kr” ;

When you read articles about travelers saying it is expensive there : this is definitely true! When you come from France, you leave feathers everytime you use your paycard (special thanks to commissions).

What about eating? We used to came out of the stores with a little shop bag and a 160kr receipt… for like 2 meals, 2 breakfasts, a little dessert.

Our first and last impressions.

Hurtling down to Norway you cannot not be amazed. Nothing to throw. Each mountain, each lake, eyes like big spoons. You want to embrace everything and not waste any second. It’s just like you’re walking in those pictures you’ve been hunting for hours online. Dream awake!

But as for everything, you can’t just have the good without a bit of bad. And in this case, the bad was the general mentality lightly floating above it.

They make you feel like you’re not wanted, not to visit but really to settle in the country. Like “Yeah good tourists come here to give us some money. But you won’t stay long anyway, life here is too expensive for you. Want to hike ? Park your car for 200 kr. Yeah you know thousands of tourists come here every summer but we need that much to keep everything safe. Want to visit the country ? Take expensive ferry or expensive roads. We’ll suck out every little penny you have. And above all follow all our rules because otherwise we’ll kick you out of the country. Hope you enjoyed your stay and feel free to come back anytime you want. Takk.


We could come back but we won’t that soon ; Luckily we still have many other pictures in our minds. Midnight suns, so priceless. Living each day with optimization. Bittersweet journey but we’ll end up saying that Norwegian are lucky to live where they live. Among this beautiful and amazing nature. We hope they are aware of it.

See you soon in another country,



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