In our logo you can see the mention: “Nature+Music”. Though the “Nature” part is pretty obvious, the “Music” may not.

We love music. We write lyrics. We compose music. We learned to play guitar by ourselves, far from being professionals but enjoying to capability of making noise ;-).

Honnestly, we’re a bit disappointed with this – it was a big part of the project. We even bought some stuff to start MAO (computer-assisted music). Right now, we’re facing a lack of spare time. It’s hard to keep up with the rythm of our daily lives, between long hours on the road, finding a place to sleep, having enough battery to turn on the computer for more than 2 hours. That’s a big point, we thought we would have enough battery every day without being forced to end in a camping. But that’s what we do now when we have to make the videos.


So to conclude, we have unfinished sounds, hoping to get done somehow. We need time to learn our missing skills. Because there’s no such thing as releasing something you’re not even a bit proud of, just because you have to do it. Sometimes you just have one chance. It’s not cancelled, it’s simply postponed. Promised.

See you soon,




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