It’s been a long time since our last article! There’s a lot to catch up so I’d better start right now and be prepared to feel a little soreness in my fingers.

So what happened from june until now?

Remember, we had to run fast from Norway. All we knew was that we had to spend the whole month in France. One full month… we had to manage this time. And after this first cold month in Norway, all we had in mind was to swim in a lake and lay at the sun.

We drive straight towards the south of France, to the Lac de Sainte Croix. We hope we would avoid the big crowd coming with summer vacations beginning in july. Well… It was not as empty as we wanted but we still had some places to stay around the lake and had a really pleasant time there.

View over the Lac de Sainte Croix

Aslan was so happy too. For the first time he was experiencing the heat and the water. He learned to swim with us! Good boy.

Foufi began to enjoy the outside. She felt more confident and put her little paws in the grass and the sand.


Of all the spots we found to spend our nights, 2 were absolutely gorgeous. We had finally been able to use our Ticket to the Moon HAMMOCK! And… this was really built by the angels. We could not get out of it. Even Aslan came with us haha.


And we were alone for a long time. Having this view, this nature, for us. In this part of the lake, closer to the barrage, we could not swim. It was cold, we saw things in there that was screaming to our ears : please do not come in. Haha.

We did Kayak in the Gorges du Verdon with Aquattitude. 3 hours total, my arms were screaming ; Of course, we had our own kayak. It was the first time for me. We really enjoyed it!


Hey but it would be funny without pointing out the bad things right?

So, what we deplore about this journey around the Lac Sainte Croix was the crossbars in every carpark entrance… 1.90m height max.

In other words : Motorhome get out!

And it was quite annoying. We could not just park in front of set up beaches to have an eye to our car while swimming. And it was regular as a clockwork. Motorhome, go to a camping if you want to stay. Gather up and walk one on each other. Yeah that’s a good kind of holiday.

To conclude… This place is as lovely as you could see on the internet. It’s crowded. But if you’re persistent you can find little lost spot and be peaceful. I actually miss this place, I think I could have spend a whole month. The area was exactly the kind of place I would like to live in one day. I can still dream right?

See you soon for another article about France,


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