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It was another long road to go from the Lac de Sainte Croix to the Pyrénées. We wanted to avoid a bit the heat wave. We had to get closer to Biarritz, we were waiting for important letters arriving at Kevin’s parents – this week was thunderous.

So we took a little height and went back to our very first escape : Bious Artigues lake, in the Pyrénées Atlantiques. Well, it’s actually a barrage. We went there in early december. Everything was frozen and covered in snow. We had to walk 1h30 to reach this barrage. We were unequiped, I can’t count how many times I slipped to the ground. But it was soooo funny.

It’s pleasant to compare the same spot in different seasons. First, we were able to do what we did on our foot with the car. This means we were able to do the real hike from the Bious Artigues Lake to the Ayous Lakes. We brought the dog for the first time. Bad idea to hike on a saturday… It was crowded.


I don’t walk very fast, especially with a bag on my back. I love to stop and take pictures also… So we went to the lake Gentau within 2 hours 😀



Endless mountains layers…


We walked near many little lakes, everytime it was a perfect scenery for a great picture. We went until the shelter, had a lunch break and went back to the car. What a sunny day. I wish I had not put pants for this hike! 😉 I unfortunately felt bad for the return trajectory. Something wrond with my hips articulations. I walked even slower, with pain. I don’t know what caused it but today I’m no longer feeling it.

And when the day ends the little fog slowly hides everything – the global mood is so different. We had a great spot to sleep, as usual. We wanted to see the stars but it was not possible. Still, it revitalised ourselves.

Next article will be about another corner of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques !

See you soon for more pictures…


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