Lost between Spain and France, ladies and gentlemen : Andorre. The untaxed paradise. I mean that’s what’s written in the paper and what everyone ears about it.

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We had to visit this little country and make our own idea! >> What kind of shop, products? Is it really less expensive? This article will be more a review than a road trip moment, because there was not much to visit over there. Let’s go.

Andorre has 2 main cities : Pas de la Case and Andorre-la-Vieille.


Here : Road to Andorre la Vieille

> Andorre la Vieille is like a little capital, traffic jam, shops everywhere, a little anthill. Full of tourist too. With CeCe it was just stressful to drive amongst all these fast cars.

> Pas de la Case is smaller, it’s the first one after the french fontier. But in the end you definitely have the same kind of product in both cities.

First thing we did : the gas. 0.99€/liters for gasoil, that was great!

We experienced a sort of Gallery with lots of stores and the FNAC. I was personally looking for new sunglasses. I have to confess, the prices were quite attractive. I did like 7 shops before finding my crush. I can’t even remember how many glasses I tried! I end up buying a pair of Polaroid’s, 39€.

On a sidenote, I bought a pair with mirror glasses. As I am writing today, I have a black spot were the mirror effect faded. I was disgusted >_< Not even a month after… Bwaaaah.

For the rest… As in every untaxed place, you can’t count the alcohol and tabacco shops. I think I never saw that amount of smokers in the same spot…

Clothes : not so unexpensive. We bought a bag for Mother’s day at Desigual and it was a correct price (can’t write it down, we don’t want Kevin’s mom to see the value of her gift ;-p)

Food and so… We totally got why people were doing their daily shop there ! Example : Oreo -> 0.99 € the box !!!!! Almost 3€ in France.

Here’s the end of this little review for Andorre.


Conclusion ? Well, yeah that’s a good place but far from what we had in mind. There’s a lot of shops but it ends up they all sell the same things at the same price. Not a real diversity for our own personal taste.

See you soon for our next and final article about France, the Landes Forest !


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