Sometimes I would really like to write these articles in french – Aaaaaah. So many things to share, but english forces me to keep relatively “short” articles.

I LOVE WRITING if you haven’t noticed it yet….

I guess we come to our last episode about France. It’s not really in the south this time… More like west/south. The Atlantic coast… And more particularly : the Landes Forest. And its prohibitions to camp everywhere. Get ready to be angry.

Capture d’écran 2017-07-16 à 23.06.12.png

So, OK, it’s a forest, when there’s a heat wave they have to be very careful. Summer goes with a flow of people, goes with fires. And, OK, we don’t know how the other campers act but we really emphasize the fact to keep everything clean after we sleep somewhere, like we’ve actually never been there.


That’s how on our second night there, we found a great spot beyond the forest, near St Vincent de Tyrolle. Perfect spot, we put the hammock, I was even able to make my daily sport session. No signals announcing prohibitions so, lights out, we fell asleep. Morning came. 8.45 am. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. We look by the upper windows and guess who was there? THE POLICE.

I think the best way to wake up someone is exactly this type of situation. Your heart is pumping so hard and so fast. You’re eyes are wide open. You behave as fast as well. Bim Bom Bim Bom. We left.

Just so you know, IT IS FORBIDDEN TO SLEEP IN THE FOREST, like during summer, during winter. As attractive as it may appear. They will find you.

Honnestly, they were kind with us, comprehensive. They let us leave without sanctions. But what an experience! First time we wera awoken by the police. And it had to be in our own country, France.


Landes Forest is pleasant to stay in. Some people would say the trees all look alike, that it is quickly boring. Personnaly, I enjoy it every time. Lakes, ocean, forest. Everything reunited.

We observed amazing sundown, everyday. Like a fire in the sky, the deepest orange, the deepest shades of pink. That was great to be so close to the west coast and the ocean.

We stayed around Seignosse, Soustons, Hossegor. We also spent a night next to l’Adour (the mosquito night…).


And of course, we worked a lot. We spend nights in the Camping Car Park of Seignosse, to finish our montage.

After this long month in France, we were so eager to discover a new country, culture, speak another langage…

Being “static” after such a first road trip in the north of Europe felt weird! Trust me, you get used to this new life rythm, discovering new things everyday. That’s the kind of hunger that consumes you and make you feel even more alive.

Next article will be about Spain! YEAY!

Hasta luego muchachos,





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