Staring at the sun, staring at the sea. Just another ant in the anthill. Welcome to San Sebastian in the beginning of summer.

Capture d’écran 2017-09-02 à 10.58.18.png

Coming here for the third time! Doing it like once a year for three years… June, July, August – Everytime, the same crowd!


But this city feels magical. It’s like happiness is lingering all above everyone. Most people are smiling, laughing. They’re with their family, with their lover, with their dogs, with their friends. They’re here to have a good time. Laying down the sand, ride a bike, walk along the beach, drink a glass of anything, eat an ice cream…

You figure it out even more when you just sit and observe. That’s what we did. We were waiting for the end of the day. I’m not even sure I can estimate how many people passed in front of us. Constantly.


It was the first big crowded city we experienced with our doggy Aslan. And it was quite exhausting. He was constantly stimulated by something. Whether new smell, new people, new places.

I was quite shoked how dary are people. I would have never imagined myself stopping someone to cuddle its puppy, dog. One more time, I can’t count how many hands I saw touching the dog while we were walking. How many people stopped us to pet him. He really was the attraction.


If I had more money I would’ve bought so many things there. You find a store for everything and it’s hard to just look without getting out of it with something.

Anyway we stuck to tapas and it was alright! You can’t go to Spain and not eat tapas, right?


Finally, last lights of the sun and the beginning of the city night lights… What we were waiting for. Pushing the magical side to its highest peak.



Here ends this article about Donostia-San Sebastian! Hope you enjoyed it.

Have you already been there? Or do you want to? Any tips to share? Feel free to leave your own impressions or anything else about this city in the comment section 🙂




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