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Driving further and further into the country. No ocean at sight. Crossing little villages, pueblos, feeling that we’re changing atmosphere.

And then, the hilly areas appears even more different. Are we still in Spain? Are we even in Europe? It definitely looked like South America, Mexico, Texas… Westerns or any other arid spot. The heat was reaching its highest peak. Almost 40°C. Air was hard to breath. Any position wasn’t good enough, it just was not comfortable. But still… It was worth it!

Welcome to Bardenas Reales of Navarra. Everything here is just the work of Nature. ❤



Bardenas Blancas is the most famous point of the park. Once we found it, we were surprised : it was so small!!! Pictures on the internet gave us the impression of a really high peak. Well it is high, just not what we were expecting ;-).


Another particularity of the place : forsaken houses! Like a ghost town. It makes the place even more peculiar. We personally like these kind of atmosphere.


We tried to spend the night in the Park. We prepared ourselves to go fastly if someone came to see us, be no one came. Instead, we had the chance to see this wonderful sunset, this wonderful starry blanket above us.


Spending this short time in Bardenas Reales was disorienting. In a good way. We entered in this exotic bubble, weird landscapes, no one around, the exhausting heat…It was quite a thing. Probably our favourite spot in Spain during this road trip. I wish we spent more days there. Thinking about it today, remembering, I wish I could travel back there instantly!

What about you? Do you know Bardenas Reales? Do you plan to visit the place? Tell us about your experience in the comment section below!





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